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The X-Athletics

Votex Shaker


he Ultimate Powered Supplement Mixer

  • Powerful High Torque Motor Base w USB Rechargeable Battery
  • Powder Storage Pod
  • Leak-Proof Lid w Rubber Gasket
  • BPA-Free Acrylic Shaker Cup

The Vortex type shaker is the most effective and powerful handheld drink mixer known to man. The newly revamped Vortex is powered by a 16,000 rpm motor that tears through the thickest powders in the supplement industry with ease. Now complete with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that charges via a usb cable and a bonus protein pod to store your protein or other powder.

Your days of clumpy protein shakes are over. Vortex is the worlds ultimate portable drink mixer!

  • Fill Vortex with desired liquid
  • Pour in powder
  • Start Vortex by pushing button
  • Enjoy your shake
  • Rinse under sink

If you've used the Cyclone, Pro-mixx & Insta-mix blenders you really do need to try this one. The 16,000 rpm Vortex motor generates enough power to mix through the thickest powders on the market. The Vortex doesn't leave clumps in your shake like a conventional handheld mixer. The Vortex completely blends any type of powder instantly!

Especially useful for mixing greens or collagen powders.

Can also be used for eggs, milkshakes, baby formula or pancake batters.