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Vegan All-in-One Protein

White Wolf Nutrition's All Natural All-In-One Protein is a smooth and creamy, naturally complete combination of fast and slow realising proteins to assist in absorption.

White Wolf's Whey Protein is sourced naturally from New Zealand cows and is blended with a non-GMO, Belgian pea protein which has been extracted through a natural process to ensure maximum bio-availability.

It is naturally sweetened using organic stevia sourced locally from Australian farms.

This unique formula consists of superfoods, Medium-Chain-Triglycerides (MCT) and a prebiotic which can assist in digestion, reducing stored body fat and increasing energy levels. White Wolf have also added an array of essential and non-essential amino acids to help with the repair, growth and maintenance of healthy cells.

White Wolf All Natural All-In-One protein has been scientifically formulated to provide key nutrients that are essential in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

• 100% Natural
• High Protein 
• Low Carb + Low Fat
• Non-GMO
• Prebiotics
• No Added Sugars 
• No Artificial Colours, Sweeteners or Preservatives
• Made with Organic Stevia

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