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Original Series

SmartShake Original. Strategy, willpower and technical perfection.

Designed for people of any age on the go, SmartShake is an incredibly versatile, all-in-one drinking and storage solution. Three smart containers give you the freedom to carry everything you need for your day.


How do I use my SmartShake?
Your SmartShake is a drinking bottle, shaker and food container in one. The large compartment at the top is ideal for liquids, while the middle compartment works well as a store for protein powder. The smaller compartment at the bottom is perfect for storing vitamins, supplements or healthy snacks like nuts, berries and seeds. There are many ways to fill your SmartShake – and because the divided compartments keep everything separate you only need to carry a single container all day!

To use your SmartShake as a shaker, just add your ingredients and shake according to the drink manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure the lid is screwed on tightly and the cap is snapped all the way down before shaking.

Tip: Next time you buy a smoothie or drink, ask the serving staff to fill your SmartShake instead of a disposable cup and cut down on waste and trash.

Can I store food in my shaker?
Yes, SmartShake shakers are designed and tested to be fully compliant with US and EU Food contact regulations.

Can I mix warm liquids in my SmartShake?
Yes, but be aware that mixing very hot liquids may build up pressure within the bottle. This pressure could cause the cap to open unexpectedly and spray contents.

When mixing ingredients, whether hot or cold, hold your finger over the cap while shaking and use caution when opening. Always point the shaker away from your face when opening the cap.

Is the shaker safe to put in the freezer?
Yes. We recommend you leave plenty of space in your shaker as well as leaving the cap open to allow the contents being frozen to expand.

How do I clean my SmartShake bottle? Recommend you wash your new shaker before use. You can hand wash it in warm water, or take it apart and wash it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Do I need to worry about toxins (BPA) in my shaker?
No. SmartShake is made out of BPA, DEHP-free materials which are non toxic and safe for storing food.

Can I use my shaker in the microwave?
Yes, the plastic in your SmartShake is microwaveable. But you must remove the cap, lid and carabiner before use in the microwave. Do not heat water or other liquids beyond the time recommended by the Microwave manufacturer as there is a risk of superheating liquids beyond their boiling point. Superheated liquids could spray out of the shaker or cause the container to become very hot.

Can I wash my SmartShake in the dishwasher?
Yes, you can wash your shaker in the dishwasher. We recommend you take the shaker apart and place each piece in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Is it possible to recycle my shaker?
Yes. The non-toxic plastics in your SmartShake can be recycled. Contact your local recycling company for more information.

If my content has left a smell in my SmartShake. What can I do?
Here are a few ideas you can try to avoid using harsh chemicals to deodorise your SmartShake.

• Newspaper: Crumple newspaper and stuff it into the container. Snap on the lid and leave it overnight (or longer if possible).

• Charcoal: Place a piece of charcoal in the container. Seal shut and let it sit until the odour has been absorbed.

• Baking soda: Make a paste of baking soda and water and rub it over the interior of the container. Let it sit for a day or two and wash off. Repeat if necessary.

• Lemon: Rinse container with lemon juice or rub a cut lemon over the interior surface.

• Coffee grounds: Place used coffee grounds (wet or dry) in the container and let it sit until the odour is gone.

• Sunshine: Place your SmartShake outside on a sunny day to simultaneously air them out and take advantage of the odour-fighting power of the sun.

To minimise the risk of odours, we recommend you rinse and clean your SmartShake regularly, as soon as possible after use.

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