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Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in skeletal muscle tissue, making up about 60% of its total content, and is the predominant non-essential amino acid used during exercise. Although glutamine can be obtained from the diet, supplementation is often required to replace losses incurred during workouts or training. Replenish your glutamine supply with our high-quality, natural fermented l-glutamine powder to improve muscle recovery so that you can achieve optimal results from your workouts and training.


  • May improve recovery after training/exercise
  • Decreases muscle protein breakdown
  • Increases muscle protein synthesis and cell volume
  • Supports immune system function

Glutamine is a type of amino acid. Your muscles produce glutamine, which is then distributed throughout the body through your blood vessels to your organs. It provides fuel in the form of carbon and nitrogen to numerous cells within the body, and it is required to make other chemicals our body needs, such as glucose for energy and other amino acids.

Sometimes, we start using up glutamine faster than our bodies can produce it, such as times that our body is under high stress, like when we perform intense physical activity. When this happens, muscle wasting may occur, and you can begin to lose muscle mass. Glutamine supplements, in addition to a healthy diet, can help to support optimal muscle function, especially for those who are hardgainers, athletes, or bodybuilders.

Research shows that supplementing your diet and training with glutamine may improve recovery by decreasing muscle protein breakdown, increasing muscle protein synthesis and cell volume and by supporting immune system function.


International Protein’s “Natural Fermented L-Glutamine” is manufactured using an exclusive natural fermentation process, followed by gentle extraction and purification to produce the purest and best form of l-glutamine available. We aim to provide the best glutamine possible so that high-performance athletes can achieve their best results.

No chemicals are used to make International Protein’s Glutamine, so it does not contain potentially harmful compounds like ammonia and methanol. Because it’s made naturally, International Protein’s L-Glutamine has a lighter odour, cleaner flavour and a less metallic after-taste than synthetic l-glutamine.



Glutamine supplements have the potential to improve your recovery after training or exercise so that you can more easily perform your workouts over and over again without stressing your muscles too much. They can decrease the breakdown of the proteins in your muscles so that your muscles don’t start to waste away.

If you’re looking to improve your gut health, then glutamine may be the way to do it. Some sources suggest that gut health and glutamine are linked, as glutamine can be used as fuel for the cells in both your bowel and small intestine. Glutamine can prevent bacteria from penetrating the bowel wall or getting into your small intestine.

Glutamine is often taken by those with a disease, as this can deplete the glutamine stores in your body as well. So, if you get sick or come down with a disease, then glutamine is an ideal choice of supplement for you. Studies have shown that it may benefit numerous types of conditions, such as gastritis, Crohn’s disease, and more. Research suggests that in those who are chronically ill, glutamine may become a conditionally essential amino acid, meaning it becomes essential only to those with a glutamine deficiency. Whether glutamine may have long-term benefits for these medical conditions remains to be seen.

Some evidence suggests that glutamine may be linked with weight loss, although more research must be completed before this is proven. There are no currently proven side-effects of glutamine, so this supplement is safe to consume.


International Protein’s Glutamine can be taken by people who are looking to improve their general health and support their immune function. It is especially beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders who would like to improve their muscle recovery to enable them to continue to train at peak performance.

It can be taken by anyone over 15, ranging from slightly active individuals to those who are extremely active and train all the time.


Simply consume half a teaspoon (1.9 grams) of Glutamine immediately post-workout or training. It is best taken alongside food, so take your usual post-workout shake or snack in addition to the glutamine powder.


Serving Size: 1.9g

Servings per Container: 263

Qty Per 1.9g Serve:

Energy – 32 kj / 8 Cal

Protein – 1.9g

Fat (total) – 0g

Fat (saturated) – 0g

Carbohydrate (total) – 0g

Carbohydrate (sugars) – 0g

Sodium – 0mg

Potassium – 0mg

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