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Pro-Series L-Leucine



L-Leucine is the 'free-form' (single amino) version of the essential amino acid, Leucine. Leucine is the the most important (and most abundant) of the Branched Chain Amino Acids. Recent research has revealed Leucine's major role as a protein synthesis regulator, and has also shown that adding Leucine to a high protein meal can increase protein synthesis by up to 40%.

Power athletes, and especially bodybuilders most often use L-Leucine in conjunction with meals that are already high in protein, in order to accelerate muscle growth and recovery. Many athletes are also adding extra L-Leucine to traditional BCAAs, to reduce muscle breakdown during training, and muscle soreness post-training.

Ingredients: 100% pure L-Leucine. Contains no flavours, colours, emulsifiers or additives.
Contains no banned substances.

Availability - Powder, unflavoured; 100g (20 serves), 300g (60 serves).

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