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Get ready for White Wolf Nutrition to bring some calm, relaxation, and stress-free feelings into your life with their new product - Zen!

Zen has been formulated to assist with the reduction of cortisol - the Stress Hormone. Cortisol is predominantly responsible for feelings of stress, but it also can inhibit your body's natural ability to lose weight and gain strength. 

So this new ultimate wellbeing product not only helps you tackle life's stresses, but it also doubles as a sleep formula to help you get the best rest and recovery that you possibly can.

Could help reduce stress and anxiety symptoms and may also help with mood and increased mental capacity. Shown to possibly provide a reduction in cortisol in stressed individuals and a reduction in insomnia and anxiety related issues. May also help with muscle gain and fat reduction.

MACA – 1500mg
Lepidium meyenii or Maca has long been known to possibly assist in improving mental wellbeing and mood by reducing anxiety levels. May also improve athletic performance, particularly endurance.

May improve athletic performance by increasing ATP production. May improve heart health and reduce LDL or bad cholesterol. May decrease inflammation.

Possible increase in resistance to stress. Possibly reduces risk of burnout and fatigue, and could help improve attention. May reduce insomnia. May improve exercise function by reducing perceived exertion levels.

L-THEANINE – 100mg
Could possibly improve anxiety and promote stress relief. May assist with increased focus.

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