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Vegan Aminos


Vegan Essential Aminos by ATP Science

After over a year of research and development ATP Science have released their much anticipated Vegan Essential Aminos. Originally designed to help the vegan community meet their protein and amino acid requirements, what resulted is a product every body and every goal can benefit from. Free from animal products and GMO's Vegan Essential Aminos by ATP Science are the first of their kind. 

Key Ingredients in Vegan Aminos by ATP Science

The following ingredients are what ATP Science refer to as their "hero ingredients" that most vegans need to fill in the amino acid gaps in their diets. 

Hero #1 - Hydroxyproline.

Hydroxyproline is found in some moss or algae which is not commonly consumed by the average person. Non-vegans typically make it from vitamin C combined with animal dietary sources that containproline (meats mostly). Hydroxyproline is the building block for collagen and makes up 13.5% of our collagen helix structure that adds elasticity, flexibility, structural integrity and bounce to our collagen structures; including bones, skin, ligaments, gut and muscle facia to mention just a few. 

Hero #2 - AstraGin

AstraGin is patented as a "Method of enhancing nutrient absorption' to help support the bioavailability of amino acids without compromising gut and liver function. It is all-natural and uses a unique type of extraction to purify and combine Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng.

Hero #3 - Histidine

Histidine is found in our muscles. Your levels are typically proportional to your muscle mass. When we train and break down muscle and build up muscle acidity we deplete our histidine stores and that can reduce ourgains from our training. Muscle carnosine is an intramuscular acidity buffer and it is 50% histidine and 50% beta alanine. Most people supplement beta alanine and use the histidine that is already in muscle tissue to make carnosine but in this instance, it may be using histidine you don't have. After all, consuming a vegan diet means you aren't eating muscle tissue!