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Maxine's Burn Protein

Maxine’s BURN Protein is now better than ever! This premium high quality protein formula is low in carbs and fat, is enhanced with natural fat burning nutrients, and includes our new gut health support complex to help optimise your health and vitality. If you are active, play sport, work out, or simply want a strong, lean, and healthy body, Maxine’s BURN Protein will help:

1. Build and Tone Muscle

2. Boost Your Metabolism To Help Promote Fat Burning

3. Support Optimum Gut Health

4. Boost Your Overall Health and Wellness

Introducing the revamped Maxine’s BURN Protein range – same delicious flavour, now with an enhanced look and even better features! We've made some fantastic improvements to our beloved products, including the addition of a gut health complex featuring DigeZyme® Digestive Enzyme Blend, LactoSpore® Probiotics, Fibersol® Prebiotic Fibre, and Inulin.

Get ready to ignite your energy and crush your goals with Maxine’s BURN Protein! Say hello to a powerhouse addition to your daily routine. Packed with high-quality protein, it’s your ultimate partner for a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Maxine’s BURN Protein isn't just about feeling good – it’s about looking fabulous too! With its low carb, low fat, and low sugar formula, you'll be on the fast track to shedding stubborn fat while supporting a lean, strong body. Whether you're hitting the weights, pounding the pavement, or simply juggling a hectic schedule, Maxine’s BURN Protein is here to supercharge your nutrition and unlock your full potential. Get ready to feel unstoppable, look incredible, and unleash the best version of yourself! 

Not only does this range maintain its signature delicious taste, but it also incorporates natural fat-burning ingredients, ensuring you stay on track with your fitness goals while enjoying every sip or bite. Maxine’s BURN Protein range is designed to be your everyday protein formula, offering convenience without compromising on quality or flavour.

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