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Pro-Series CLA



Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA for short) is a revolutionary approach to fat loss. A saturated fatty acid found in some plant oils and animal fats*, it appears to positively influence the rate of fat oxidation.
A second and equally exciting prospect is that CLA may also accelerate muscle growth. With an increasing number of studies providing evidence, CLA is quickly becoming a staple in the supplement arsenal of those athletes who are serious about definition.

CLA is often used before exercise to increase fat oxidation (as well as to supply a supplementary form of energy), but can also be used with meals or between meals.
CLA could also used at various times throughout the day to assist muscle growth, and possibly to reduce muscle catabolism.

Ingredients: Micro-encapsulated Safflower Oil (80.5% Conjugated Linoleic Acid), Starch (maize).

Contains none of the following; Colours, flavours, emulsifiers, or additives. Contains no banned substances. Contains no animal products or by-products.

Availability: Powder, 100g (40 serves), unflavoured.

*PRO SERIES CLA is made exclusively from plant sourced oils.

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